Monday, 2 January 2012

Ow! Eep! Ooh! Urk!

... and other pained noises!

I treated myself to an epilator. It was a Christmas present to myself but I waited till the sales were on to buy it. A Braun Silk-Epil 7, good quality and, reading about such matters in the T-press, more robust than other women's epilators so should survive longer when dealing with male-style hairs.

I'm pleased with it, but the sensation is one to get used to. Not truly painful, but certainly unpleasant. Especially in the crook of the elbow. I'm reassured by everyone that the pain reduces as the hairs get weaker over time.

I am doing one limb a day, partly to see how I get on, to assess my skin's reaction to the treatment, and to try the various settings and conditions (dry/wet). My left leg is looking quite good and my right arm is certainly plucked, if still blotchy. I have various test patches elsewhere (... why are thoughts of dogs with mange cropping up in my mind?)

The Style PA's verdict is similar to mine (and she usefully includes a pic)
[Update 18/8/20: that site no longer exists; the model and accessories have changed since this review was written]

Oh well, what price beauty?

Sue x


  1. Santa was kind enough to give me one of those as well. After leaving the razor behind for a week the pain was intense. Three days on though and all is fine with minimal discomfort. I actually prefer to use without the guard, seems to work better. 

    Not sure I will ever use it on my face though !


  2. Thanks Becca. Sounds like it's going well for you. Mine's a bit hit and miss at the moment but some parts of me are looking beautiful! Uniform beauty is now the aim!

    No way would I try this on my face. My stubble would probably break the machine!