Sunday, 9 March 2014

Blog: new and improved!

I'm not much of a techie but I have managed to add a search facility to this blog. Just the date list of posts, which are all quite random, is not that helpful on its own.

More importantly, and fairly, I have added the list of the other blogs I regularly follow. This is, after all, a network. I would have done it a while back only my skills with technology are rubbish and I had taken me ages to find the facility. (To save you asking, I can't fix a car either.) But it means readers can link more easily with stuff.

I'm hoping to start adding pages dedicated to good places in London to eat and drink, as many people have asked me.

Any comments on other aspects of this blog are welcome.

Sue x


  1. The list of (t friendly) places in Dat Lundon would be good.

    [ Psst: you can add sub pages to blogger too. Should you want to have reviews separately ]

  2. Thanks, Lynn. I know about the pages and will get to grips with the task. I wrote out a list of venues that I have been to as a hungry TGirl and they number more than 100! God, I am a fat pig! Sue x