Monday, 3 March 2014

Revival of activity

Hello little blog, I know Mummy has neglected you recently because she has been busy and she is very sorry …

OK, enough of the silly talk! I have indeed been busy but, truthfully, I could never have imagined how successful things would have turned out with work. I’m now fully self-employed but have made so much more of things that I even did as an employee. I’m stunned, really, as well as thrilled that my order book is exploding! What’s more, as the floodwaters rise in England and everything gets blown about in the gales, I am happy to be snug and warm at home and not commuting to work any more. I’m planning a whole new wardrobe to celebrate!

But you don’t want to hear dull stuff about work. I did manage to get out one evening a couple of weeks ago and join three friends in Soho. We had a very pleasant Indian meal and the chef was so taken with us (well, we are gorgeous and elegant!) that he insisted on giving us free puddings. I like that kind of place.

Out on the town one windy Wednesday. Pippa's photo.

And yesterday I managed to meet up with four more girls, again in Soho, for Sunday lunch at Cappucetto. This is a particularly good Italian restaurant and I think we were all pleased with the food and the polite service.

Well fed at Cappuccetto.

Stella and I went for a stroll in Covent Garden and there, outside the Moomin Shop was my childhood hero, Moomintroll. So dashing! I couldn’t resist a cuddle.

Me and my hero.

It looks like I’m reviving my regular weekend lunches in London, maybe once a month.

As for the tum, well, strangely, it’s still there, big and wobbly. Maybe big lunches aren’t helping to reduce it? It’s a mystery!

Sue x


  1. I am glad work and your social life are good. Makes for a happier life !

  2. Buy a bigger top. You'll be fine ;-)

    1. But not a 'big top'. There'll be lions and clowns turning up. Not good ;-)

    2. Erm, thanks for the helpful hints, Lynn! x