Saturday, 31 January 2015

You're still the same person

My friend Joanne has a leg in plaster following a road accident and has been housebound for a week. A while ago I'd agreed to meet another friend, Kimberley, for lunch today so we diverted our trip to Jo's so as to take her out for some fresh air and a meal that she wouldn't have to fix for herself whilst balanced on crutches.

We had a really nice long lazy lunch at the Clock House in Dulwich (

The down side is that I am still not in a position to go out in female mode and it is hard seeing all the other women around the town and feel that I am not part of it, and especially seeing these two who look so beautiful. But the point is that they still take me for who I am. "You're still the same person, whatever your outside appearance," they told me. Not all TGirls believe that, sadly, and can be real snobs about this sort of thing, but I know I have made some real friends in this trans community of ours.

I am planning a party for whenever it is that I do make it back out in girl mode.

In truth, this situation is a real struggle, but I simply have to be patient and wait for my face to heal fully.

But thanks, girls, for being real friends, and for a fun afternoon.

Sue x

PS Total weight lost in January: 9 pounds (4 kilograms). I am really thrilled by this success.


  1. Nine pounds? Wow! I think I managed nine ounces :-(

    I don't get the snobbery thing. Don't folk - specially t-folk - know what it's like being unable to fully express who you are? Hell, you could turn up to a meal or a meeting with a full beard and a lumberjack shirt and it would be fine..... so long as you also have trousers on. :-)

  2. Babe, you're still you however you appear! The humour, wit and opinions don't change - thankfully - and I'm proud to call you friend... xxx

  3. I think I managed about 2 pounds in Jan, having put about 7 on in December. Lent starts 2 weeks on Wed.
    Patience as the patient can get wearing even when it's only a few days and weeks. Alas, there is no option. Hope it is improving and continues to improve. xx

  4. good news on loosing the weight. Mrs sox has been trying to slim down a bit after christmas but hasn't managed that much. xx

  5. Thanks for your comments, girls. I guess I'm only half the girl I was! Sue x