Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers. May 2015 bring you happiness, fulfilment and prosperity.

My roundup of 2014 is in the previous post (scroll down, or click on the timeline, or link here ).

2014 was a rotten year in so many ways so I am determined that 2015 will be better. This blog tries to be positive.

I spent Christmas with my friend Joanne and she has sent me this lovely little diary.

Despite so many real setbacks last year I intend to continue to feminise more in appearance and I am thinking of having my ears pierced at last. My face is very much better and I am hoping that I can put makeup on again by springtime.

As at this morning, I weigh 12 stone 9 pounds. That's 2 stone 3 pounds overweight and, yes, my resolution is, as ever, to reduce that.

You'll be noticing a few additions to this blog shortly - pages for bio info, tips for eating out in London, and maybe even some jokes.

Sue x

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