Thursday, 26 November 2020

Pamper yourself once in a while

 Last week I decided to take a day away from the routine and really pamper myself. 

I usually dress in contemporary but comfortable style as Covid rules  confine me to the house most of the time. A cotton top and leggings are my usual look, or skinny jeans. Well, a smart dress is hardly right for doing the housework or pegging out the washing (this isn't the Fifties, dear). And although I like a bit of perfume and I make sure my nails are trim and pretty, I rarely have a reason these days to smarten up thoroughly.

So one morning I made sure my epilator and razors did a thorough job of my unwanted hair, my skin was buffed and cleaned, my brows were plucked, my nails filed and my makeup and hair done. I sprayed a decent amount of my favourite perfume and selected a long skirt, a light top and sheer tights. It felt a bit like getting ready for a night out in the old days before Covid. It was a beautiful sunny day and I even opened a mini bottle of sparkling wine just for fun. 

You won't believe how much it improved my mood to just give myself time to look and feel good on a nice day.

Here are some photos I took.

Good mood



Sneaking a biscuit

In these very distressing times when nothing is normal and there are many worries, upheavals and bereavements, we should take time out for ourselves. For me, really making an effort with my femininity made me much happier. 

I know that so many TGirls have restrictions on their femme life at home but even spending a bit of time on your nails or sorting through the wardrobe or the photo collection is time well spent boosting your feminine wellbeing. I hope you too can find a moment for something special.

A dip in the archives

Here's a much-loved photo from ten years ago which shows me with Dee and Chrissie in Salisbury Cathedral Close in England. 

This was when I was really beginning to live life as a woman and this day marked my first long-distance trip as Sue, travelling by train for a couple of hours to get there. I met up with these two girls and Susan who took the photo and we had a nice time shopping, having tea in the Polly Tea Rooms and a bit of sightseeing. A good day with nice friends and a big boost in confidence. It was very cold, though, as you can tell!

Sue x


  1. Love that blue sleeveless dress, hon. I might try dresses more often, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do sleeveless dresses...LOL!

    BTW, you look wonderful!



    1. Aw, thank you so much for the compliments, Mandy. I'm wearing a grey-blue sleeveless top and a blue skirt as it happens. But it was nice to feel more feminine from the clothes as well as the extra skincare. Sue x

  2. "...this isn't the Fifties, dear..."

    Don't forget to put your clocks back an hour during October... while for populist voters, don't forget to put the calendar back to 1950 😁

    Lovely photos Sue, and what an excellent idea to spend some time on self care - physical and mental - to change things up a bit.

    I will raise a glass to you. I hope that hot tea still counts as a toast. 😉

    1. LOL! Thanks, hon, I hope you are getting suitable Lynn time. Tea is a perfectly acceptable toast, but toast doesn't work as tea. Odd that. Sue x

  3. Hello Sue, nice to read that you pampered yourself for at least one day and clearly lifted your spirits. May be do it again soon? I could do with something like that but wait until next year. Missing you. Take care and stay safe. Hugs. K.D. xx

    1. Thanks, KD. Yes, more regular 'me' time is called for. I do hope you get some KD time soon. Sue x