Sunday, 8 November 2020

Relief, American style

Anything in the news this week? ...Not really, but I must thank the citizens of Andorra for their contribution to how I'm feeling. 


Ah, Andorra, that tiny, picturesque and ancient country in the mountains between France and Spain, ruled by its twin princes, Prince John and Prince Emmanuel. Every other year the citizens send Prince John some hams and some chickens in payment for his services and in alternate years Prince Emmanuel gets sent about $500 in recognition of his. Mind you, he does represent Andorra in the international community, whereas Prince John just tends to sit there. To be fair, though, Prince John does have another job as Bishop of Urgell in Spain, whilst Prince Emmanuel spends his spare time being President of France. So actually, the citizens of Andorra get these two princes by virtue of the votes of the canons of Urgell Cathedral (as approved by the Vatican) and by the votes of the electorate of France. Andorrans are therefore ruled by persons elected wholly outside their country. It must feel odd that foreign voters can have such an influence over you.

...Did I say Andorra? Silly me, I meant to talk about America. 

Now, I don't have to take account of what the Americans do, do I? No, but the world is highly interconnected now so what goes on in another country has an effect on many others. American voters' choices certainly have an influence well outside the USA.

Thank you, Americans, for exchanging the aggressive, corrupt, abusive bully Trump for a more normal politician. Now, I could say a lot against politicians but when you've had the toxic rhetoric of Trump dinned in your ear for four years, you appreciate normality all the more. If you have ever been a refugee like me, or mixed race like me, or born abroad like me, or in a minority such as transgender like me, and have experienced hate and discrimination because of those things, then you too will appreciate when the source of that hate or discrimination is removed. I also appreciate the pressure this change in the US now brings to my former country, Britain, to stop being so brazenly racist and aggressively isolationist.

It's made a big difference to my life. Here's a bottle of local sparkling wine I opened yesterday to celebrate your change of approach. Thank you.

A dip in the archives

1) On the subject above, here's what I wrote in January 2017 when Trump took over. I was uneasy, but I wasn't to know how badly the following four years would trouble me:

Farewell, Mr Obama

2) And now for something completely different: enjoying a summer's evening in London in 2013, showing off my new pink shoes.

 I love pink! Here's the full story of my shopping trip with Pippa:

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Sue x


  1. " brazenly racist..."

    But then we'd have to look to the uncomfortable truth of who's really the cause of our issues and that may involve looking in the mirror. ;-)

    Yes, we done to Mr Biden, Ms Harris, and team. Let us hope that they can heal a nation and undo what damage had been done to that country (let alone civil rights and health).

    Hmmm. That last sentence seems chillingly close to home.🙂

    Enjoy the wine 😁

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Wish you were here to share it with me. I'm sure we'd put the world to rights! There's a lot to do, a lot to address, a lot to face up to, a lot to heal. For now, though, we celebrate and enjoy a feeling of relief. Sue x

    2. It would have to be a virtual glass! 😁 But that sounds good. Let's hope a return to normality, the attempts to heal America good well and bring change to other countries.