Sunday, 22 November 2020

Why we need TDOR

 I commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance two days ago. As well as being a day for reflection, it brings enemies and allies out, too. I'm sharing one item from the former and two from the latter.

1) This little item shows the sort of organised malice there is against trans people

 West Yorkshire Police in the UK support TDOR and remind us to report hate crime. To which an organisation We Are Fair Cop says hate is OK. 

It's the twisting of logic in this tweet that is as disgusting as the hatred:-

- Hate is an emotion - true

- Our emotions (and thinking) are legitimate - true, though they may be misguided, irrational or plain mad

- Emotions and thoughts are not a police matter - false. Although not directly policeable, some thoughts and feelings may indicate intent and may justly lead to appropriate police monitoring. Should a sympathiser for terrorist violence, for instance, be left to their thoughts without a bit of checking up? Few would think so.

- Therefore it's OK to hate people - false. You may hate what someone has done or plans to do that harms others, and you may even hate them as a person for that activity, but you may not legitimately hate people for being something over which they have no control, e.g their size, colour, disability, gender, etc, or even for illness, poverty, social status or other things that arise through misfortune. That type of hate is irrational and unjust and, if expressed or acted on, is a proper field for policing as it may cause harm to the targets of that hate or show intent to harm them.

"Say Yes to Hate" is a bit like Gordon Gekko's notorious speech about "greed is good" in the film Wall Street, the same false logic.

Thanks to my friend Stella for finding this item.

2) Fortunately, TDOR also brings out the best, some genuine and welcome support.

Here's a statement from US president elect Joe Biden that I found a great relief to read after Trump's persecutions:

Thanks to my friend Steph for alerting me to this.

3) Finally, the trans community in Italy, where I am currently living, was delighted that Milan Town Hall, in many ways under siege as the epicentre of the European Covid problem, took the time and trouble to hang the transgender flag for TDOR. Thank you - grazie. And thank you to Arcigay Italia for sharing the photo.

Legislation is currently going through the Italian parliament to combat discrimination against many groups of people: women, disabled people, gay/lesbian/bi people and trans people. Like Biden's promise, this is also a very welcome move.

Stay well and safe.

A dip in the archives

Here's a post in wrote in 2014 about the many people to remember during the month of November:

November: remembrance and reflection

Sue x


  1. Great to see town flying the flag to show support and what about Biden's pledge? Oh, Biden + Harris have a long way to go and I wish them luck bringing America together.


  2. Thanks, Lynn. Yes, Biden and Harris have an uphill task but I feel things will improve. I'm sure they will for trans people. Sue x