Monday, 1 February 2021

Cobblers! need to be down at heel!

 Today I have shoes on my mind. One heel of my ankle boots disintegrated. Literally crumbled to dust. They're good-quality and I've been pounding the streets in them in all weathers for some years without trouble. So why this should happen when sitting around at home puzzles me.


I dare say the cobbler can fix them. Cobblers have repaired my girly shoes so many times, including a favourite pair of boots that I wore so much they were reheeled four times altogether. It's a joy to be out in your own beautiful shoes.

Originally, when still only presenting as male, I used to wait till a pair of my men's shoes also needed work and then take all "his and hers" items to the cobbler and pretend the feminine ones were for some partner. But as I grew more confident in my femininity, I just took whatever shoes wanted mending as and when they needed it. The cobbler is there to make money, why should he care who wears the shoes?


Positive thoughts

I confess that bad world news and a sprained ankle have been upsetting me. So I am trying to concentrate on those good things I have right now: where I am living has only the lightest Covid restrictions; the weather has been so mild and sunny this past weekend that I have been able to eat outdoors; I have time to read good books; I have lost over 1kg (2 1/2 pounds) weight this week; my aged parents have just been vaccinated against Covid... 

I hope all will be well where you are and that enough things in your life are so good as to make a positive difference in these awkward times.

Oranges ripening outside the front door

It's LGBT History Month

It is. Be historic!

A dip in the archives

Talk of shoes and positive things brought me to this photo from 2013, trying on shoes in a lovely shoe shop (Kurt Geiger in London).

Cari amici italiani

Meno male che la maggior parte dell'Italia è entrata in zona gialla questa settimana. Stiamo all'erta però perché senza precauzioni si torna nei guai. 

Oggi parlo di scarpe e come possono promuovere gioia, anche se  devono essere riparate di tanto in tanto!

Sue x


  1. I have fond memories of Kurt Geiger in Covent Garden and trying shoes on and the sigh from my credit card when I managed to leave without a purchase!!

    1. LOL. We must've gone together. I liked it as it was more than just a shoe shop: mirrored walling, a hot lips sofa, mannequins in odd postures... and genuinely helpful staff. And very central, too. Sue x

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss and good to hear the mild weather lets you be outside more.

    Yes, I think focusing on what's going well helps. Sure, it may feel we aren't fixing things, but what is in our gift to do so?

    Well, other than being authentic, doing what we can to be kind, and prompt a positive view of being trans.

    1. Thanks, hon. If you're into positive transness then this site is the place to be! Sue x