Monday, 22 November 2021

Procrastination in heels

 I'm writing my blog twice a week now, Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. I'll confess that the Monday morning slot is to ease me into the week gently. Yes, there are more important things to do but that's the point. Since stopping working for other people I've wanted to emphasise not having that Monday morning feeling most of us get when at school or employed and we have to bolt down breakfast and rush, bleary-eyed, into the cold, damp murk to go somewhere we'd prefer not to be. Maybe this pandemic has opened the eyes of many to the benefits of home working, not every day, perhaps, but at least some of the week. You get more done, have your comforts round you rather than the questionable décor the boss chose and can raid the fridge whenever you want. Hey, you can always exercise those pounds off later, right?

So this week's procrastination regards my tax return, and preparing a trip which aims to get a health card, maybe a voting card, and a full ID card. My accountants keep messing up my tax return. They're supposed to be the experts; I'm perfectly capable of messing it up myself without paying some clown to do it for me. And the abusive staff at the council are something I am steeling myself for. At some point I have to get a passport and go to the courthouse to have a proper birth certificate made. Some advice - don't get born in a revolution so your mother has to flee with incomplete paperwork on you.

I've never been sure if tackling a grim 'To Do' list is best done in one masochistic sweep of health-straining misery or poisoning each day with an hour or two of Nasty Time. Ideas welcome.

Last week I took a whole day out for my girl birthday; this week my procrastination exercise, I have decided, involves getting back into high heels. My right leg was badly damaged when I was hit by a bicycle three years ago and it wasn't really till this year that I could walk properly again. Anything other than flats has been out of the question for any length of time. My highest heels are on a pair of boots so I shall be clumping around in those this week just to get used to the idea again. 


A dip in the archives

On the subject of high-heeled boots, here's a link to my winter boots lookbook as the weather gets colder: Winter Boots Lookbook

Sue x


  1. You know it's going to be a rough start to the week, when you saw Sunday switch over into Monday 🙂

    I'm seriously considering a power nap. 😉

    Good luck with the tax returns.

    1. Ta, Mrs. Frankly, I prefer a nap without bothering with the power. Sue x