Thursday, 23 December 2021

Happy holiday wishes

 Wishing all my readers a peaceful, healthy, safe and enjoyable holiday season. 

It's been a difficult year for everyone so I hope we can all have a restful break even if many plans have gone a bit awry because of the pandemic's seasonal upsurge. 

Maybe Covid has a benefit. Not being able to meet everyone all at once spreads the festivities out a bit. I've always found the Christmas season a bit apocalyptic with every person you know having to be sent greetings and relatives all having to be bought presents for a single holiday weekend of crazed overindulgence that doesn't necessarily do the psyche or relationships any particular good. Far from being a Scroogy humbug, I am kind of liking the reduction in excitement as it helps focus more on what matters. On Christmas day I shall wear a nice dress, I shall eat only what and as much as pleases me, and I shall wait to exchange presents till some other weekend next year, which means there's another day to look forward to. 

How ever it works for you, have a nice time over these next few days.

Sue x


  1. Merry Christmas, Sue.

    Here's to a slow festive season that sprawls gently, to give numerous - but safe - meet ups, celebrations, and gift exchanges.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Hope you have been having that good, restful time you wanted. Sue x

  2. Thanks, enjoy your holidays, for whatever you choose to celebrate!



    1. Thank you, Christine. I hope you have been having a happy time. Sue x