Tuesday, 21 June 2022

My favourite day

 Solstice. The longest day in the Northern hemisphere and my favourite day of the year. I worship the light, the sunshine. If you are in the Southern hemisphere, dont worry: the days get longer from now on.

For me it's been a day of simple things: I went swimming in the newly reopened pool, I bought some melons and oranges to turn into cool sorbets, I planted some herbs and flowers and I have just come back indoors after lying outside with candles casting a pretty light in the slowly gathering darkness. I'm dressed in my cute little shorts and a long T-shirt. That's all, apart from my soft cotton underwear. It's not glamorous, not sexy, not trendy ... but its feminine and still a statement. There are times a girl wants to be simply dressed, simply as a girl, on a day where the drowsy warmth and straightforward pleasures of life mean the most. 

I love the summer solstice - Midsummers Day, litha, whatever you want to call it. The peak of the year when one really feels alive.



 Thank you for your comments on my last post (and emails, too). I appreciate them very much but I am still unable to reply individually to Blogger comments as yet. I'm not sure what's causing this problem but somehow it's time to resolve it.

Sue x


  1. Or you could listen to Hawkwind in a muddy field wondering why Nik Turner is dressed like a giant condom (Solstice 84).
    No, on the whole, I think your version sound best.

    1. Now, your comment is a cultural reference that I had to spend some time looking into. 1984, wow, that takes us back to the miners' strike, Band Aid and the like, but I see what you mean. Being dressed as a condom is perhaps not the weirdest thing that some people do at places like stonehenge during summer solstice so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I guess he's just practising safe sax! Sue x