Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Pink and bubbly?

 This made me chuckle. I saw this cute little bottle of pink fizz in the supermarket. I've probably been casually overlooking it for years. Maybe because it's Pride Month or something it suddenly caught my eye. 

The reason for it standing out is that the manufacturer's name, Maschio, means "male" in Italian. Is this the perfect analogy for a male-to-female trans person? Male on the outside and according to the label, but all pink and bubbly inside? Or is that too silly and not a little sexist? No matter, I couldn't help chuckling when it struck me.

We're about half way through Pride Month now and this meme is doing the rounds:

I'm not normally one for wishing bad things on people but in the last few years the hate that has been directed at the LGBT community across the world has been ferocious and depraved. In the first few years of writing this blog I felt we were achieving something, that life as a trans (or gay) person was getting better. And I am in little doubt that, actually, as far as everyday folk are concerned, most straight/cis people are quietly supportive or at least not hostile. The loud phobia now may be just the last gasp of the haters who have latched onto the LGBT community since they have failed to segregate race, failed to oppress women and there are not many groups left that they can oppress any more. I hope that is all it is. But given the bigotry and active homophobia/transphobia of the family I come from that continues to tax me, I do feel that the slogan in this meme is apt this year. I can't see what else to do but make them feel ashamed or uncomfortable or angry since reasoning serves no purpose.

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  1. A pox upon their houses.... and possibly other areas, the miserable bigots. 😋

    Don't like gay marriage? Don't have one.
    Don't like abortion? Don't have one.
    Don't like gender reassignment?
    Don't have one.

    But for those that do, let them choose. Who's life is it? Who's body is it?

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Yes, live and let live - it's a principle that's been the mainstay of Western society since the horrors of WW2 and that fact that that principle is being challenged is very disturbing.

      Sorry it's taken me so long to reply - tech issues! For a non-techie, this sort of glitch is a head-scratcher.

      Sue x