Sunday, 2 October 2022

I hate housework and so does my maid

 Sometimes I feel like a fraud, that I'm somehow not an authentic trans woman. The reason is that I've never owned a French maid uniform. (You know me, there couldn't be a serious reason!) Being a French maid seems to be a rite of passage in so many trans lives and is a stage I've missed out on. 

Here I am today doing the housework in what for me seems an ideal outfit of old leggings and a T-shirt, which is pretty much what any cleaner these days actually wears, and I barely even thought about what I was going to wear. 25 years after finally accepting I was trans it's no longer a case of "shall I dress today?" but "what am I doing today and what clothes would suit?" I feel naturally drawn to wear what other women are actually wearing. I've arrived at the trans terminus!

But there's a niggle that somehow I haven't done the development to trans living quite correctly as I've missed out on the phases that so many seem to go through. The French maid is just the classic example of such a thing. Would doing my housework in a short dress, apron, heels and stockings enhance my cleaning? I can't see cleaning the shower or standing on a stool in heels like a very good idea and the risk of laddering stockings or dirtying the dress is very high. Am I just being really boring and practical? Or maybe I just hate housework and want it done quickly so never mind the flouncing about in an impractical outfit. Maybe working in a silly dress would make it more enjoyable but, truth be told, I dress as a woman not for the sake of the dresses or to look ultra feminine but because I live essentially as a woman and therefore it seems logical to look the part. I appreciate that the fetishy or submissive or ultra-feminising aspects of the maid role is a big part of the appeal to many, as it is for many such roles, but I guess my femininity has been so strong that that aspect of dressing has never come to the fore. Maybe I'm just dull but I don't see being feminine as a game. Don't get me wrong, being a TGirl can be a lot of fun, but I don't see it as roleplay. So I guess I'll just get on with my boring cleaning in my boring if practical weekend clothes. I still feel feminine, though, and how you manage to do so is up to you. 

PS Maid wanted.


Antiques fair

I am still on a high after Roz's visit last weekend, which was wonderful fun, if bad for the waistline. Yesterday I had things to do and buy and I revisted some of the haunts that Roz and I had been to, only this time on a dry day. On Saturdays there's a general market in Sanremo, and an antiques fair outside the cathedral. Although I think the word 'antiques' is a generous term for 'old stuff'. Some jewellery did appeal but I've decided to think about it. They'll still be there next Saturday.


I also saw a handbag in a shop that might pass muster, at last. But the price tag is something to think about also!


This German women's shoe manufacturer is definitely giving off a strong LGBT vibe in its advertising these days. Lesbian kisses (in trendy shoes), crossdressing dancers (in trendy shoes), coming out (in trendy shoes)... Focusing on non-normative lives is a brave advertising slant but it has certainly piqued my interest. Try this one, and there are more on their YouTube channel.

Sue x


  1. I've never seen the appeal of maids outfits and don't even think they're nice garments.

    Ah antique fairs, I normally find that I've thrown away better stuff than what's usually being offered for sale. A lot of the stuff is proper tack but there is the odd bargain to be found.

    1. It is indeed the odd bargain that one hopes for ... Sue xx

  2. Antique, vintage, preloved, brickabrack, junk, and tat - pick your favourite 🙂

    I'm not sure about the idea of a French Maid costume. I felt there's quite a legacy thing going on and not in a classic way. More an unpleasant vibe around the poor women being objectified and/or pursued by the man of the house. But, hey, if it's two consenting adults roleplaying that, that's their business.

    As much as pushing the Hoover around is a great way for a newcomer to lean the art of balancing in heels, I think you're right on the money, Sue, about leggings and an old t-shirt. Why risk your fancy stuff getting mucky! 🙂

    1. Yes, I'm not convinced that the whole maid scenario thing is very flattering for women. It's very prevalent, though. Sue xx