Monday, 30 August 2021


 This week I came across a blog that I found not only amazing and inspiring but a wonderful resource, too: Monika Kowalska's "The Heroines of my Life".

She describes it thus: "This blog is about transgender women that are my everyday inspirations. I interviewed almost 600 transgender women that radiate with wisdom, beauty, intelligence and love. The blog is about transgender women that proved to me that there is hope for me and it is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not."

The interviews - from all over the world - show the diversity, stuggles to be recognised and successes of hundreds of transwomen and Monika is to be commended for her diligence in compiling it.

I find a random click on a name or country never fails to bring up a fascinating, encouraging, beautiful, and above all heroic story of trans women who have determined to live their lives.

There is also a lengthy list of published transgender biographies and autobiographies.

I have added it to my blogroll on the right, and here's a link: The Heroines of my Life

I'd say trans people are all heroes and heroines as they struggle to come to terms with this unusual existence. Being trans makes life more exhausting, especially for those in genuine danger, and creates a set of experiences that only we can know. On the other hand, those experiences can be exhilarating.

A dip in the archives

 Over the last year I have described the adventures I had between first getting out as Sue and starting this blog. Emma Walkey featured a lot in that first year. Instead here's a look back to the last time the two of us were out together, in London in August 2018: 

A day out with Emma

Champagne Charlies with Emma in August 2018

Sue x


  1. It's a good read isn't it? Somehow it seems to pop up on various sites. Perhaps, and as you say, because of the inspiration.

    1. Yes, I wish I'd come across it earlier. But the blogosphere is a galaxy and it takes time to navigate it. Sue x