Thursday, 26 August 2021

Lingerie for TGirls and men

 Somewhat related to my last post about finding suitable swimwear is the question of how many TGirls choose lingerie for men or lingerie specifically designed for MtF trans people. 

There are several firms that make lingerie specifically for TGirls, i.e. lingerie that takes into consideration the usually flatter, broader chests for bras or the slimmer hips and rears and fuller fronts for panties/knickers that are often characteristic of MtF trans people who haven't had the op or hormones. Some of these items seems very pretty. I have never ordered from firms like En Femme (US) or Carmen Liu Lingerie (UK) or Petit Cyclone (France) myself but specialists like these and many others seem to have a good following.

A long time ago I came across a company called Homme Mystère from Australia and I was curious about how many men choose specially made male lingerie. I am delighted that they do - let's face it, men's standard underwear is horrible: nasty to look at and unpleasant to wear. At least, I have always thought so. A firm like this gives men the chance to wear something pretty, soft, flattering and, in my view, much more suitable than men's official underwear styles. And now men can complement their wives'/girlfriends' choices, too.

I have never bought any of these specialist products myself, either those designed for MtF transgender people or those designed for men. And the reason for this is simply that I feel my femininity is such a strong part of my trans nature that I am keen to have only clothing specifically labelled for women. So even when presenting as male (more usually androgynously) it is still clothes from the womenswear department that I am in. This may seem excessive or obsessive but after years of being forced to suppress my trans nature I am just keen to emphasise my femininity as much as possible! Yes, I dare say I have been losing out on some good, more comfortable, enhancing underwear, but being a woman among women has been my lifelong need. 

But never say never. Maybe I'll try out, say, a pushup bra from a made-to-measure trans-specific company soon just to see if there is a clear improvement. I doubt I will ever go for lingerie for men, though. I am just not masculine enough!

I am still compiling a resources page which will include links to suppliers. Here are a few up-to-date reviews of specialist suppliers:

Byrdie: 5 inclusive and empowering lingerie brands for the trans community

Pink News: the best, cutest and most popular trans lingerie ... 

Hannah McKnight: Lingerie for men - does it matter? 

On a related note, here's news from the BBC about creating a universal sizing guide for trans women, which is currently lacking:

BBC: Trans clothing - designer works to create standard sizes


A fig tree and two agaves growing close to home. Figleaves were the first undergarments ever, according to the Bible, but some modern styles feel more like the hard, chunky, scratchy agave. Ouch! Choose wisely.


A dip in the archives

Well done to Femulate for making available its huge collection of photos from US college yearbooks with 'boys' who preferred to present as female:

Flickr: yearbooks 

As I mentioned in my dip in the archives on 28 June, events such as school proms, plays, Hallowe'en parties, womanless beauty pageants and such events have often been a lifeline for trans or just gender curious people to express themselves in an environment that is less judgmental than home or the local community. It is an interesting collection and quite a cultural phenomenon.

Sue x


  1. Coincidentally we were talking about Etsy and independent shops at Chams earlier on. I might have a look to see what else is there for us T folk.

    As to underwear, I'm afraid mine is quite binary: men's section for day to day stuff and for fancier attire, women's. I guess I've not really looked for male lingerie.

    Thanks for the links though!

    1. You're welcome. Glad the links are useful. I will provide more in due course.

      There is a surprising number of companies now making trans-specific underwear, as well as the big suppliers that offer 'inclusive' services and advice. They're realised there's a market!

      Sue x

    2. The rise of the Rainbow Euro? I think it used to be the Pink Pound, but it became more diverse and geographically fabulous 🏳️‍🌈🙂

  2. Hi Sue,

    Years (no, Eons) ago, back in the early 70's when I relied on Exchange and Mart to find interesting clothes retailers, there was one who specialized in 'special' clothes. I am having trouble remembering the name - I think it was Spartan - and it was based in S London. It was clearly gay orientated. I did buy a very nice chocolate brown satin wrap, but the rest was too 'masculine'. Later, I came across Apres Noir who now go under the name of XDress. Nowadays, I tend not to buy lingerie, just underwear (comfort rules at my age!)
    Nikki x

    1. Thanks, Nikki. I suspect there have been specialist retailers since time immemorial but they were few, whereas now I am surprised by the number of firms who specialise or who offer targeted items. They clearly have an expanding market, one to make retailing these items a worthwhile business. Sue x