Thursday, 16 December 2021

Thanks for the recognition

 In this strange year a lot of people have discovered new ways of doing things. One change for me is that I've had more time to write this blog and now do so twice weekly. 

So thank you once again to the elves at Feedspot and their Magic Algorithms for listing my blog in their top transwoman blog list and top transgender blog list. It's nice to have the recognition and feel that this blog is useful and read by the trans community and its allies. 

Trans blogging is something of a niche field of interest, I'll admit, but being trans is life-defining to those of us who are. Unlike many other niche interest blogs and media content, this is not a hobby, fad, standpoint or curio. It's real, and I feel responsible for what I write. 

It's also nice to see the same accolades for many of the worthwhile sites on the blogroll to the right. At a time when trans people are under unjust pressure, it's good to see us resisting in the blogosphere as elsewhere.

Thanks for reading and for your support.

A dip in the archives

I've rather neglected this spot these last few weeks as I've had a lot to do, but it wouldn't be Christmas on Sue's News and Views without my looking back at past festive seasons. 

I received a nice email the other day from my friend Dawn back in England and realised it was ten years ago that we spent Christmas together. And what a pleasant time we had:

A lovely Christmas

I had been invited to join friends for the festivities this year but what with significant testing requirements, travel restrictions and the fact that one of them has today tested positive for Covid, this is not going to happen, sadly. So nostalgia it has to be instead!

Sue x


  1. Is nostalgia the new black? 🙂 FWIW, safety first this time around.

    Congrats on the blog position. Good to see lots of folk writing and sharing. Indeed, I was pleased to see a certain anti-trans site had been removed from the lists.

    1. Thank you. Good to see your excellent blog on the suggestion lists as well. Sue x