Thursday, 14 January 2021


 Thanks again to Anuj and his team at Feedspot for including my blog in their "Top 100 Transgender Blogs" for another year. I notice that Sue's News and Views is also listed among their "Top 50 Trans Woman Blogs, Websites and Influencers" as well. 

Click on the medal (right) or the links below for this useful resource and to see the other listed blogs, vlogs, forums and journals that all offer an authentic examination of trans life, whether personal or general.

Top 100 Transgender Blogs

Top 50 Transwoman Blogs 

You can also link to some of their recommended blogs on my blogroll on the right: YATGB, Femulate, Hannah McKnight, Male Femme, From "Me" to "Mandy" (and Mandy's Miscellany), KD's Blog (and KD's Life and Ramblings). The Bobbysox Blog is one of Feedspot's Top 70 Crossdressing Blogs (Top 70 Crossdressing Blogs). All highly recommended (or they wouldn't be here!)

Thanks also to other umbrella sites like T-Central, a similarly useful but wholly trans-related listing of active blogs and other resources:


In a world where, just for example, three-quarters of news on Covid-19 has been found to be false or misleading, resources like this serve to provide links to the genuine lived experience of trans people or their parents, help from allies and reports by responsible media organisations. A much needed injection of truth in an online and media world that's often distorted.

So, thanks for the accolades, Feedspot. 

Just think, I now have more online presence then even the President of the United States! 😉



I've been planning for a while to include a proper gallery of photos to this blog, various updates and links to more resources. More news on that as it happens.

A dip in the archives

Here's a photo from late autumn 2010 when I went out in Milton Keynes, UK, with friends. Later that evening we went to Pink Punters nightclub, which was a good venue for TGirls to meet at. We went there quite a lot in our early days out. Fun times.

(l-r) Maddy, Josie, Dee, Sandy, Bobby, Tiff, Gayna, Ange, Jo and me

Sue x

Cari lettori italiani

Sono contenta che questo blog sia stato di nuovo selezionato tra i migliori in lingua inglese. In un mondo ormai dominato dai "fake news", vi presento invece le mie vere esperienze vissute da donna e i miei sentimenti e pensieri sinceri sulla vita transgender, senza falsità. 

Pensate, in questo momento ho una presenza sul web più diffusa e rispettata persino di quella del presidente degli Stati Uniti!

Sue x



  1. Congratulations on the blog position and good to hear that T folk have kept staring their lived experiences.

    "...Just think, I now have more online presence..."

    Heh. That's going to raise a chuckle for some time to come. 😁

    Looking at the photo there's a few faces from the past. Maddie on the left, Bobbie, and Gaynor not far from you. Crikey, ten years ago.

    1. Thanks, hon, and congratulations on your own listings, too.

      I miss those girls in the pic, some have pretty much vanished, one's very sick and two emigrated (Josie and me) :-(

      Sue x