Thursday, 4 February 2021

New picture gallery

 I've added a picture gallery as one of the tabs above. Just a selection of 24 favourite photos (and a painting) that show my evolution. They're mainly portraits, some full-length shots, and a few in groups (just so you don't think I'm a totally vain with no friends!)

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I'm working on a page of trans resources, too, which will appear in due course, and a page for readers in Italy. 

It's took me a lot of searching, but I was glad to find this old photo again, one of my very favourites. I've put it in the gallery.


A dip in the archives

 Last week, I wrote about the Roman emperor Elagabalus (half way through the post here: A dip in the archives: Elagabalus)

Blogger Clare Flourish recently wrote about another ancient ruler, Sardanapalus of Assyria, whom Elagabalus was described as resembling. Whether Sardanapalus really existed and whether his trans life is merely a moral tale is something I'll let Clare explain: 

Clare Flourish on Sardanapalus 

You can read the original description in Diodorus Siculus's Library of History, book 2, chapter 23: 

Diodorus on Sardanapalus's transgenderism

This is the trouble with the history of prominent figures. Allegations of their being trans may have more to do with later moral judgment than with their reality. This past year's many-sided attacks on trans people does make one wonder if anything really changes.

Sardanapalus wears a dress and does women's work with the ladies of his court in a late medieval French manuscript in the British Library

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Cari lettori italiani

Oggi ho pubblicato una galleria di foto che rappresentano il mio sviluppo ("Gallery", in alto). Fra poco pubblicherò una pagina biografica in italiano.

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  1. I think things are changing for trans folk. Things are certainly better than the 70s, 80s, etc. Yes, there's still bigots, but given some of humanity still can't look by skin colour before discriminating, perhaps we've got a long way to go.

    Fab selection of photos in the gallery, BTW

    1. Thanks re. the photos, hon.

      Yes, things have been getting better for our generation than they were. History goes in waves, though, and I'm just hoping we haven't crested the wave and are now going down into another trough of repression. One era's obessions and judgments may influence later ones.

      Keep on fighting the good fight, I guess.

      Sue x