Monday, 25 April 2022

Cute bunny in a dress

 The cute bunny of the title is not me (sadly!) but this adorable toy that came in an easter egg. She has a pretty floral dress with a matching bow and I love her!

She is so cute. I wish I'd been allowed toys like this when a child. Don't get me wrong, I was happy enough with toy cars and soldiers and footballs and all the stuff boys are deemed to like, but I also liked playing with dollies, but it was clear that they were not for the likes of me so I had to play with them in secret.

Being a trans girl is not just about the clothes but about all the things and outlook that go with it. I love my cute little bunny and I love the pretty chocolate egg painted with candy flowers that it came in, too.

(In case you're wondering, I had two easter eggs and I saved this one till this weekend so have only just discovered the bunny!)

As a transwoman, I can love not only the nice clothes women can wear but all the prettier, less masculine things too.

The Home Front

Today is a public holiday in Italy as it's Liberation Day, which marks the capitulation of Axis forces in Italy in World War 2. I joined the local commemorations since little feels more important to me at the moment than resisting the sort of xenophobic aggression that has led to so much misery in the past and is still causing misery now in places like Ukraine.


Xenophobia is any hatred of outsiders, and so often racism, supremacism and other forms of discrimination go hand in hand with transphobia. There is too much of all this at present.

Sue x

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