Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Pride Week conclusion

 A short post to say that overall the first Sanremo Pride Week was deemed a success by the organisers and they plan to hold another next year. I hope this will be a regular event ... until the day such events are no longer deemed necessary. 

As well as the pro-LGBT Countercongress last Tuesday, there was a photographic exhibition in the civic centre over the weekend and a dedicated comedy show in the casino on Saturday evening. Police estimate about 1500 people showed up for the march, which is more than was expected in this relatively small centre.

Another photo released by the organisers

The mayor signed the council up to improving LGBT rights in the area, as did other official bodies. There's a way to go here as anywhere else, but when my old country, the United Kingdom, has this very same week agreed to ban conversion therapy for gay people but not for trans people, I know where I am better off. Patria est, ubicumque est bene*.

Here, therefore, is a classic ethical thought experiment for my UK friends ...

Maybe next year I'll feel a bit more confident and glam again and will be more prominent at Pride.

* One's homeland is where one feels right (Cicero, Tusculan Disputations V, 37, 108, quoting a line from Teucer, a play by Pacuvius)


Life after Covid

Just for the record, the weekend also saw the revival of the antiques fair, a pro-Ukraine rally and my first breakfast in a café for two years. 


Antiques fair

Life feels different now - not what it was before Covid, but it's beginning to approach it.

I don't like Russian dolls - they're just so into themselves!

Sue x


  1. Ah, breakfast (or brunch of you're both middle class and a night owl 😉) is quite a luxury, IMO. I hope it was delicious.

    The tram experiment picture did make me chuckle. Much better to set it on a loop. I mean, you want to be sure don't you. 😁

    1. Thanks, Lynn.

      Breakfast - just a cappuccino and a jam croissant mid-morning, which would have been classified as elevenses in The Olden Days (i.e. BC - Before Covid) - felt like a luxury! A cappuccino made in a proper Italian bar is quite special. As is a fresh-baked croissant. I used to do this daily when working for myself at home in London.

      I will pass your solution of the trolley problem to the university's logic department who have decided that bypassing the ethics committee is acceptable for the duration of this regime.

      Happy easter weekend to you and yours.

      Sue x