Saturday, 7 May 2022

Amazing clothes haul

 I went a bit mad in a shop yesterday and walked out with 13 items of all sorts: cute T-shirts, jeans, a skirt, shorts, tunic top, and more in a variety of colours and materials. Nothing fancy, just everyday wear. The store just seemed to have a lot I liked the look of or felt I could make regular use of. 

I didn't try any items on in the shop fitting rooms so when I got home I had time and space to try them all, which is always fun.

And do you know, all but one item fitted perfectly, and I mean perfectly. As I've said before, women's clothes are so much nicer than men's and the pair of grey skinny jeans with deep pockets are a dream come true as they work in both male and female modes. 

The only item that didn't fit properly was a black bodysuit which was too small despite being marked as my size and despite containing stretchy lycra. Never mind, I'll slim into it 😏

But 12 out of 13 items fitting perfectly is a first. So I'm very pleased with my haul.

Nothing fancy but all good

What shall I wear today? A daily decision that just got harder. Oh, it's tough being a girl, eh readers?

Sue x

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