Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Some more old photos

 Life has really taken off now that Covid restrictions have reduced and all of a sudden all those things that have been waiting for two years or more are all demanding attention. I was away again last week - more on that in another post - and yesterday the builders came to look at what's left to finish in a job that started in autumn 2019! This time, I'm prepared to say it's not their fault it's been slow. But don't make a habit of it, boys!

In all this I've been reminded that Flickr is changing its terms. I haven't looked in detail at the new terms yet as I've never really liked it or bothered with Flickr that much. I got the account mainly as I wanted to keep track of the photos of me other people were posting. In my early days, I was very conscious of being outed or targeted and I worried about the encroachment of social media on privacy and liberty. I still do, but in different ways now. Anyway, my account is still there if you haven't seen it:

Sue's Flickr

But recently, as has happened before, I found some more old photos. We TGirls really do take an awful lot of pictures! But when you've taken a long time to get ready to go out, you've got to capture that hard work, right? Also, we tend to have a lot of fun together, and that's worth recording, too.

Here are some, including this all-time favourite from experimenting with outfits at the Boudoir Dressing Service in London in 2008. My 'biker chick' look:


Here's me relaxing on a café barge in 'Little Venice' on the Regent's Canal in London:

And laughing my head off at dinner in a Chinese restaurant:


These are not my usual style of photo but they illustrate the freedom we TGirls can gain for ourselves. I'm glad to keep coming across this old stuff.

Sue x



  1. Building work that started in 2019? Oh, the antici....

    ....pation! 😁

    Some familiar classics in the Flickr stream and some new as well. I'm with you on wanting to keep a photo of what happened. I think it's a great way to remember who was there, what the effect was like, and I think that helps focus on the good times.

    I thought the photo of you with wine glass and a slice of lemon was particularly 'Sue' and very flattering.

    1. Thank you very much, Lynn. I like that photo too. I'll keep the Flickr account there for as long as the new owners allow.
      Covid messed up the building works as several workmen were from North Africa and left to be with their families during Covid. The workforce dwindling, added to all the halts required during lockdowns, delayed everything. We've only just recently come out of a state of emergency here so the final touches to the work should now go ahead.
      Sue x