Friday, 27 May 2022

Cerise is back!

 This blog is written in cerise coloured font. It's a colour I like very much but it's also the colour that was in fashion in 2010 when I first started going out. In the end, as well as cerise tops and a skirt, most of my accessories were cerise too: watch, gloves, pen and notebook, and my beloved purse as seen in a photo in my last post. So it's a colour I associate with my emergence as a TGirl into the world. (Lady Gaga was playing a lot in that year and so has a similar association.)

A heatwave has suddenly hit us and the whole town is now wearing cerise. Indeed, there was one entire family - father, mother and daughter - each with at least one cerise item. All of a sudden, the shops are full of cerise coloured clothes, from blouses and skirts to bikinis and shorts. At least, they are cerise in this part of the world.

It makes me happy that 'my' colour is back. I have a feeling that there are going to be a few more additions to my wardrobe in this year's colour any day soon!

Even the gloves!

Sue x

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