Monday, 25 July 2022

Fishing in fishnets, and other summer pursuits

 From time to time I link to other online material that I think is worthwhile and this time I guess the theme would be 'trans women enjoying the summer outdoors and doing normal stuff'. I've always been an advocate of living one's trans life as a normal member of the public, doing everyday things and pursuing one's preferred hobbies (though partying in a fab frock is fine too!) After all, we want to be accepted in society, so blending in is the way to go, in my view. 

I've been particularly enjoying Femboy Fishing on YouTube and the channel seems to be becoming very popular:

Femboy Fishing

I don't fish myself as I find it cruel if you aren't going to eat the fish (though our Femboy sometimes does), but when you go out fishing in a cute miniskirt in the placid streams of the Ozarks with a goofy dog, it somehow holds the attention. To judge by the comments, regular anglers seem to approve Femboy's knowledge and techniques and it's great to see how his father, brother and brother's fiancée come fishing too and are happy that little bro is enjoying his dressing time down by the river. The dog, Russer, is non-judgmental, too. But we can always learn a lot from dogs.

A good sampler episode (11 mins) below, with some luck and no luck, some technique explained, a variety of beautiful fish to see, some calm inspiring scenery, some humour, and a cute happy dance at the end:

For something a bit more urban and faster-moving, there's Jen on the Move who travels round Britain by bike, train, tram, cable car (!) and even on foot:

Jen on the Move 

I came across Jen after following this couple, Paul and Rebecca Whitewick, who like to uncover Roman roads and aqueducts (among other things), and there are other vloggers, like Geoff Marshall, who also do joint videos with her. I liked this video ("The River that's not a River", 14 mins) when the Whitewicks met up with Jen as it shows that trans people getting on with their thing are in fact treated like any other similar hobbyist would be, unlike the transphobes would have us believe:


In fact, Jen has a good self-deprecating but poignant laugh at people who perceive her as different. This is how to disarm haters in one minute:

Thirdly, my friend Amanda contacted me recently. She has gone into professional filmmaking but some of her quirky videos are closer to home, from tractor fairs to making music:

Amanda Prosser

Try this music video where Amanda accompanies Amanda, playing five different parts with her typical quirky humour, not to mention talent:

If you still prefer TGirls in their pretty clothes then there are some sweet ladies on YouTube who enjoy their girl time without being crude or too in your face. Here are a couple whom I find gentle souls and who look cute:

Danielle - Nattily Dressed Trans Girl

Heidi - Heidi Phox 

Have a good summer, whatever you are doing.

Sue x

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