Thursday, 21 July 2022

Hot girl

 I've been wanting to take more photos as it's been a while since I last had a set and TGirls are addicted to their selfies, right? But the heat this week has been unusual and it's impossible to wear a wig without bursting into perspiration and my makeup running everywhere. Last year I posted some tips about wearing wigs and makeup in hot weather (link: TGirl coping with summer heat) but this week has been too much even for my own advice. 

The problem at the moment is that the daytime temperatures are record-breaking but they don't drop at night. They're not the hottest temperatures I've known, by any means, but 36C (97F) in the afternoon shade is hot enough, especially when the humidity is quite high too. But because it's only a degree or two cooler at night, I'm struggling. The sea here, normally around 22C (72F) in July, is up to a staggering 29C (84F) at the moment and this similarity between air and sea temperatures doesn't allow a cool breeze to arise in the evening and therefore make the nighttime temperatures more agreeable. So it's been hard to sleep.

So me and Laura the Lizard, who lives in my herb pots, have been sweating it out. She gets her moisture from the insects she eats; I get mine from glass after glass of water and a daily swim.

Laura hunting bugs among the chicory


The heat is therefore really not conducive to glamorous photography right now. Thank goodness, though, for short floaty skirts and loose light tops. The pretty items in my girl wardrobe keep me way cooler than any boy clothes ever did.

I hope you can keep cool in this heatwave.


What the public really think about trans people

Stonewall summarised various opinion polls about what voters in the UK thought about trans issues. Unlike the toxic rhetoric of many politicians and members of the chattering classes, the public do not see trans issues as important policy matters. This is encouraging and what everyday living as a TGirl in the UK seemed to suggest to me.

Link: What do the British public REALLY think about trans people


A dip in the archives

In previous years this week of July was the week after the Sparkle national transgender celebration in the UK and I would often be writing it up and posting photos. Just a few random mementos now from Sparkles past.

2011, Sparkle in the Park, with Jo. Photo by Sheila Blige.

2012, Sparkle in the Park. Photo by Paul Jones.

2013, Angels lunch at Villaggio's.

2014, Sparkle in the Park, with Gina, Emma, Jo and Mrs Emma. Photo by Paul Jones.

2015, Canal Street

2017, dining in Manchester city centre, with Karen


Sue x


  1. I hope you catch a break soon around the weather, Sue. It was late teens, early twenties here today. Certainly a welcome relief compared to the hellsummer of near 40C.... and yet we still have climate deniers. I would ask if they are secretly Lizard People, but I don't wish to offend Laura 🙂

    The Stonewall survey is good news and it's a marked difference between the public, and the nonsense peddled by certain folk.

    PS: I think the photo of you in the lace top is fab.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. It's cooled down a degree or two which has made a small but welcome difference. With the major drought as well, we are in trouble here this year. Maybe it's time to treat climate denial as a form of mental illness.

      Thank you re. the photo. It's one of my favourites. I have another identical top but in silver/grey.

      Sue x

  2. Lots of water is good for you at times like that.

    The other thing I have found that can be helpful is a little bit of electrolytes in it. Sometimes that's just as simple as a squirt of lemon juice in that water.

    Stay cool. :)



    1. Thanks, Christine. Yes, plenty of lemons here, and a slice of lemon in a drink seems to make it more refreshing as well as more interesting. Sue x