Friday, 29 July 2022

Piggy in the bath

 It's raining at last! Only a little, but it's the first rain of any kind for over a month and it's been so hot and very hard to sleep or do anything very strenuous. The result is that I've put quite a bit of weight on again. My weight loss programme was going fantastically well until March when I think the world news got me down so much that I lost interest in regular things. So it's time to focus again.

Last year I swam and walked a lot throughout the summer and that really reduced my weight. This year, swimming is more like taking a hot bath. The swimming pool is a seawater pool and the water for it is pumped directly from the sea. It's got all the advantages of seawater, such as greater buoyancy, without the annoyances like waves and jellyfish. But as mentioned last week, the sea has been heated to temperatures comparable to the Caribbean despite the fact that this is supposed to be the coolest part of the Mediterranean. We are getting tropical creatures appearing who shouldn't be here. But it means the water for the pool is already very warm and, being shallow, gets even warmer in the sun, so it's like taking a bath. In fact, we were teasing the lifeguard that he should provide us with bath salts and rubber duckies so we could enjoy it more! But the problem is that it doesn't make you feel like swimming properly but just relaxing. 

So with all that, I'm gaining weight again and I need to focus. Partly for heath and partly because my prettiest frocks are several sizes smaller than I am.


Again, please wish me luck.

Sue x


  1. Oof. Hot weather. Good luck on staying cool and keeping up with the exercise.

    1. Thanks, hon. I know your horror of the hot. Climate change is not going your way and even I who hate the cold agree that something needs to be done. Sue x