Monday, 18 October 2021

First time in full makeup for years

 I set the weekend aside for girl time and I'd like your honest thoughts about my looks. 

In some respects every day for me involves girl time because it's a promise I made to myself almost a quarter of a century ago (Those biggest resolutions) but this time I'd decided to set time aside to look my best, try a new look and make a photo record of how I appear now that I've passed the half-way point in my weight loss programme.

I've lost nearly 2½ stone (15 kg) this year so here's what I looked like in 2020 (left) compared to now.You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

You can see how much my face has changed shape in the last year. My tum needs to follow, although that's improving. 


But I'm surpassing my targets in terms of weight loss.

For the first time in many years I tried full makeup: blusher, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and brow tint. I also painted the nails I'd carefully prepared over the last two weeks in a bright red to match my lipstick. The reason it's been years since I last wore eye makeup is that my skin and eyes are very sensitive and can react strongly to substances applied to them. I was wondering if I could remember how it's done!

I usually wear glasses so here are photos showing my eye makeup without and with glasses. 

What do you think? Feel free to be honest if you think I've goofed.

This summer I bought a sun hat. I love it as it's soft and covers my head and face on bright sunny days. But then I'm not usually wearing a wig and I'm not at all sure it suits me with my usual wig style, almost like it's perched on top slightly comedically. All opinions accepted.

I also tried out a new young rocky / gothy style with new hair that I will ask your opinion on next time. But the one thing I got from my weekend, after years of illness, moving, Covid and so forth, was a new zest for looking my best. There is no joy greater than being the women you were born to be and for the first time in ages I felt exhilaration that only a day fully en femme can bring. I'm looking forward to next time, which will be soon!

A dip in the archives

A brief record of my yoyo weight ...

I was very skinny till 1994 (and then I discovered food!)

2004 - 13 stone

2008 - 10 stone

2011 - 11 stone

2016 - 12
½ stone


2020 - 14½ stone

Now (2021) - 12 stone

I'm aiming to get back to 10 stone which is my ideal healthy weight. Wish me luck.

Sue x


  1. I can really see where the weight's come off - what a difference, many congrats!! You're smiling more, too, which is good I think; at this rate you'll be back to your ultra-sleek self just in time to indulge at Yule and put it back on again.... ;)
    As for the hat, yes, I think with your longer, more luxurious hair it ought to be bigger just to balance. I'll try and dig out some of my own sunhat, which is about twice the size of yours! xxx

    1. Thank you, sweetie. I will be having a holiday from slimming at Xmas. The last two weeks of the year involve unbridled indulgence! And we count the cost in January and start again then from where we're at!

      So, small hair - hat works; big hair - hat fails. I need a much bigger hat. Off to the Mexican market!

      Sue x

  2. Congratulations on getting your weight back under control. As well as helping stay healthy, if that also helps you feel more like yourself, that's great. I would say that IMO, people should only lose weight for medical or personal reasons - knickers to body shamers! 😋

    Seeing as you asked about your makeup. 🙂 I think your eyeshadow looks ace in the photo that highlights it. I do think glasses impact eye makeup - both after application and during 🙂

    As to lips - and I'm not saying you need to change or you've done it wrong 🙂 - I would say be wary of applying to all of your lip. What I mean is, as we -ahem- mature, gravity affects us and, speaking personally, if I apply my lippy to my natural lip shape, that accentuates the downturn at the corners.

    1. Thank you very much for all your helpful comments, Lynn.

      I was classified as obese after 2018 when, already overweight, I was hit by a speeding bicycle that prevented my walking properly for a year or more. That and lockdowns when I couldn't exercise made me balloon. So I am slimming mainly for health reasons and to get into clothes I prefer and because I think being slimmer is my natural state.

      I don't normally do eye makeup in a fancy way as my glasses hide it so I prefer to emphasise my lips (and I'm sure you know the rule about either eyes or mouth but not both when it comes to makeup). But your comments on the lippy are very valuable. My lips are thinning and the upturn on the left is more marked now and bothers me.

      Here's to mature ladies who are still glam. Cheers!

      Sue x

    2. Sorry to hear about the bike issue but glad to read you're getting your mojo back.

      Yes, thinning lips. Grumble grumble 🙂 There's a few 'overlining' tutorials on YouTube that helped me. I can pass on the links if you're interested.

    3. Thank you. Let me email you. Sue x