Thursday, 21 October 2021

New hair?

Today: possible new hairstyle and exciting news of trans representation.


New hairstyle

Thank you for comments here and elsewhere on my look after last Sunday's selfie-fest. Helpful advice as well as compliments. All very welcome.

As mentioned before, I got myself a cheapie wig that more or less corresponds to a new look I'm toying with the idea of. Long, black and comparatively straight. I think the style suits and I may buy a good version. As ever, your thoughts are appreciated.

Trans representation: city councillor elected

Although I am living on the coast, my official residence is in the large inland city of Milan where there have just been local elections. I'm pleased to report that we have our first openly transgender councillor, Monica Romano.

I find her calm, quietly spoken but intelligent, well-informed eloquence a pleasant change from populist ranters who, incidentally, have been trounced all over the country. She comes across as approachable and humane. This and her campaign, suggesting people try being represented by a trans person for once, has obviously worked.

She's not the first trans person to enter local or national politics here or elsewhere, but she's the first in any place I've lived in. Very excited for her and the trans community.


A dip in the archives

My ongoing campaign to find old photos in forgotten places has brought up two items taken by my friend Tina in London ten years ago. Not great focus but I like them for the memories.

News of that weekend with Tina is here, and it includes the privilege I had of taking Grace out on her first trip ever trip. I never tire of the excitement of joining girls on their first forays.

A fun weekend in London

Sue x


  1. I think the London photos have a hair style that really makes the best of your features. The off centre parting and layers to the shoulders seem to really work for you.

    The new one I am not wholly sure about, but if you are happy with it, go for it. Sometimes it's good to change things around a little.

    1. Thank you, I had a lot of similar comments elsewhere on social media. Your and other opinions have been very valuable. Sue x

    2. I hope you're not upset/miffed by any of the comments. I held off voicing any views as I didn't want them to come across as critical or mean.

      As someone who's swapped hair styles over the years, the doubt and indeed the sting of not quite getting it right is not very nice. Still, maybe the best thing is we learn what works best for us.

    3. Hi Lynn, no no I expect honest views when I ask a straight question. If something's rubbish I expect people to say so to stop me going out and being laughed at, especially if I've paid lots of money for something! So your comment and comments of others were spot on what I needed to know. Saved me spending money on a less satisfactory style, especially when wigs cost £100-£200 a pop. Thank you again. Sue x