Monday, 11 October 2021

Oh, horrors! No handbag!

 Are you desperate to get out to parties and meet-ups as a girl like you used to? I bet you are, and so am I. Things seems to be gradually getting back to the routine, but with plenty of restrictions still. 

I've decided that next weekend will be a dedicated Sue weekend when I make an effort with my hair, makeup and so forth and really enjoy my girl time. And as I've been preparing my nails to look their best, a few days to myself with lovely varnish on them will make me very happy. I also expect to be at the half-way point in my weigh-loss programme so it will be good to take some selfies for the record.

I am very tempted to go out shopping, too, maybe sit at an outside café table and watch the world go by like I used to do. With Covid lockdowns and restrictions since February last year, it's been all but impossible.

But then I remembered the other problem with going out right now. I've only got a tiny number of items to wear here, as much as I was able to carry in suitcases from Britain. Originally I had planned to bring a vanload of stuff - from furniture to clothes - from my storage unit in London to my new home in Italy but Covid put paid to that. I have no coat (not essential yet as it's still mild) but, worst thing of all, I have a packing case full of handbags and purses in storage abroad but not a single one here. Girls, you cannot - must not - go out without a handbag. It's the law! No, it's not the law, it's just that a bag is essential, as is a purse for money and cards, or you just don't belong in a town like this! And you don't look or feel right. And women's clothes have no pockets!

The irony is is that the last time I travelled from Britain to Italy (two years ago!) I was about to pack a handbag and then thought, no, the suitcase is bursting as it is so I'll take one next time. Of course, there was no next time. Fortunately I do have a shoulder bag that I use in male mode even though it's for women (funny that!) so for my first trip I may use that. That first trip that will necessarily involve buying a bag!

My all-purpose, "unisex" shoulder bag

Or else I will just have to treat myself to a new bag now. There are some lovely - if very expensive - handbags in the smart shops ... this is Italy, after all, home of quality leather goods.


Bulgari shop window in Milan. If you have to ask the price, you shouldn't be shopping there!

There are some cheap knock-off bags from street vendors (usually with names like Louis Vuittom or Balenciaca!). Not recommended!

I'll see if I can find a middle-of-the-road bag from a reputable outlet, though. Something decent but not stupidly expensive or just fashionable for one season only. But I do want a genuine leather purse as it will be smart and hard-wearing. My cerise-pink real leather purse did good service in England for ten years. Pursie, I miss you!

My favourite pink purse saving me from washing dishes for the rest of the evening. Matches the colour of the font in my blog but, oh dear, clashes with the red top and nails. Oops!

Let's see what I can find ...


A dip in the archives

In the absence of my photo archive (also still stuck in storage in England), I've been finding old photos in odd places. Even odder is that a set that my friend Emma took in London exactly ten years ago on a trip to London in October 2011 somehow never made it into my blog before (although the Hell Bunny dress I bought did - priorities, eh!). Her blog (More Earth than Sea) makes no mention if this trip either. I guess by this stage we'd become so used to going out eating and shopping as girls that it was just another relaxed, fun day out. It's wonderful to come across them again and reminisce on them.

I seem to remember Emma came just for the day, travelling into London by train. To piece it together from the photos, it looks like we started by enjoying London's best coffee at Vergnano's in the Charing Cross Road.

Those look suspiciously like my feet in the background!

Lunch was cheap but cheerful at Bistro One in Beak Street in the Carnaby area of Soho.

And then we went to Camden Lock ...

... where the huge markets that now occupy the vast old stables had recently been decorated with dozens of bronze statues of horses.

As I recall, we were looking for burlesque and party wear (hence the Hell Bunny Fatal Dress that I wore that Hallowe'en).


Shopping is thirsty work and we found this lively bar above the market (worst loos in London, though!). 


Emma looks fantastic here, in my opinion. Time for selfies, too!

And then we went back to Central London for dinner at one of our favourite venues, Salieri in the Strand.

Wow! We certainly used to pack a lot in in those days!

Sue x


  1. Ah the perils of handbags. 🙂 Finding one just the right size for you purse, keys, phone, tissues, etc, and then going it's both the right strap length and colour.

    1. I know, it's a bloomin' nightmare! Fun hunting for one, though. Sue x

  2. That's a great picture of you in the red dress!