Monday, 25 October 2021

More contemporary look

 I'm grateful for all the comments I've received here and elsewhere on social media about the straighter black hair I was considering. There's a clear consensus that the style is quite severe and my usual look serves me better. So it was worth considering but I'll stick to what I know works. 

I live in Italy now and style is different from other places. It's smart and very contemporary, with leather or PVC leggings/trousers being very much in fashion, or skinny dark jeans usually with a bit of sparkle. This is irrespective of age. This is the style I should be going for now:

(Yes, I know I've still got some tummy to lose but I'm working hard on that.)

So a more funky look is what I'm after now. Let's see how this develops.

A dip in the archives

The great thing about being able to swap your hair and wearing heavy  makeup is the greater variety of looks you can create. Here's me - a, erm, mature lady - dressing as a teenager ... and it felt good!

But when I used to visit dressing services, wig salons and have makeover sessions it was always a time to experiment before settling on something that worked.

This is my most popular picture on Flickr but I've no idea why: the legs are great but the '80s style batwing top that shows my heavy-duty longline bra is, in my view, a style disaster.

Here's the shorter wig and lighter makeup than usual after my makeover at Mac and consultation at Trendco wigs. Nice but more coverage is better in both regards, I later felt.

And something rejected in its entirety. Each item - skirt, top, boots, hair - is OK individually, but not together. You may disagree.

But then this is the importance of dressing and makeover services and why we should experiment at home and ask opinions - so we can avoid mistakes in public.

Sue x


  1. A variety of styles in the old pictures and the new troos & boots look very cool.

    As to the photo with the red skirt, I thought the hairstyle was very chic! But we're all different. 🙂

    1. Thank you :-) . I do like today's fashion styles and here you can't not wear something in leather, if ony bag or boots. The leather trousers and jackets are very chic and good quality here.

      I also loved the bob in that outfit, but it didn't look so good from other angles. I need something to hide my thick neck!

      Sue x

    2. Ah, we all have something we don't like about our body, I guess. Mine is my jaw 🙁

      I hadn't noticed anything about your neck. TBH, better on the side of full than be a lollipop 🙂

    3. LOL. Well, a lollipop is at least sweet!

      I had a female teacher at primary school who had a thick neck and it was weird as most women have slender necks. But when you're 7 you notice and comment on things like that (and then you get older and reserve judgment for social media, right?). But anyway, my own feeling, and advice from others, suggests hair is the easiest way to cover larger necks or broader shoulders, hence my longer styles even though I love a bob above all else.

      It's funny, if you hadn't mentioned your jaw I'd not have considered it. Like all people, we do tend to post only the photos that show us off best.

      Hope you are having a relaxing week off.

      Sue x

  2. "This is my most popular picture on Flickr but I've no idea why: the legs are great but the '80s style batwing top that shows my heavy-duty longline bra is, in my view, a style disaster."

    Whether the batwing top is a disaster or not, it's possible that the popularity of the photo is _because_ it shows off your bra.



    1. The thought had occurred to me. Presumably there are many desperate men out there! Sue x