Friday, 8 April 2022

Pride Week part 1

 Fifty years ago this week the International Congress on Sexual Deviancy was arranged in the casino in Sanremo, Italy, where psychiatrists and doctors met to try to make out that LGBT people were freaks. A small but vocal protest by the gay community saw the first clear Out and Proud banners and slogans, and was instrumental in changing attitudes. 


Funky 1972

On Tuesday, the same venue hosted a Countercongress celebrating LGBT life and showing how much progress there has been in improving rights since. There's quite a way to go yet but what improvements there have been! 

This event opened this celebratory pride week. Tomorrow an LGBT photographic exhibition will be unveiled in the Sanremo civic centre and there will be a pride parade in town. As far as I know this is the first one in Sanremo, not a large city but certainly a lively one. 

It also happens to be the same weekend as the Sanremo Rally. How pride paraders and racing cars will get round each other, I'm not sure. A gay rally meets a gay rally!

Outside the casino today

More news in part 2 after the weekend's events.

Sue x


  1. Things have changed for the better and yes, we still have a long way to go. Yay for those protesters who helped bring us forward and those who supported them.

    "...he same weekend as the Sanremo Rally..."

    Ah, the see people out & proud in bright leather outfits and also the gay community too 😉

    1. Thanks, Lynn. It's a bit of a mountain to climb but our community manages a few steps upwards every year, even though we sometimes get knocked back.

      As for the gay rally comment, lol :-D . I've posted part 2 after a successful Pride march.

      Sue x