Saturday, 3 June 2023

My new makeup bag is full of goodies!

 I had to throw away all the makeup I took out of storage. If it wasn't dried up, it was certainly inadvisable to use it because creams and liquids have a shelf-life before they become full of bacteria. I threw away all brushes, puffs and sponges, too. And even the pink makeup bags that had travelled with me to so many venues in my early days. Nostalgia is one thing but it's not worth keeping something cheap that's got dirty and scuffed. 

So over the last few weeks I have bought the whole kit again and new bags to carry my makeup and jewellery around in. These zip-up bags are seethrough and wipe clean and this makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

New brushes came in a tin that was very large so I now carry a bunch of other tools in there, too, from nail files to stocking run repair spray (and a complimentary pen from Stockings HQ!)

The only makeup item that's old is the kohl pencil sharpener from Barry M in bubblegum pink. It's very cute.

I've laid out my kit below and this is what I apply. You don't have to go through such a complex process or use expensive items like I have chosen but, as long-term readers of my blog will recall, I have had serious problems with my skin and have to be very careful what I apply to my face.

From left to right, then, first we have a comedone extractor. Thankfully, I am no longer a teenager with lots of whiteheads and blackheads on my face, which is what these are mainly for dealing with, but I find this tool useful for helping to remove grease from around my nose more effectively that things like T-strips. I'm not sure why noses can be so greasy but the one use I know for nose grease is to reduce the head on a glass of beer. Just push your nose in and the froth on your beer diminishes before your eyes! Anyway, this tool is a quality one from Tweezerman who make excellent items like this and it's worth investing in a good one as it will last a lifetime.

Next I have skin preparation items, all from Mac: an oil and shine reducer first, a pore reducer that smooths small depressions, and their Pep and Prime base coat.

As foundation I use Mac Studio Fix Tech applied with sponges as I find brushes wasteful and need careful washing after each use. Then some Mineralize finishing powder on top to fix it.

I have more Mac items for concealer, highlighter and a bit of sparkle pigment powder for parties.

The shades I use were all selected after several makeovers at Mac stores and in consultation with staff over the years. Products change a bit from time to time so you have to consult them on updates. Yes, I know Mac is super expensive but I can rely on their stuff not to cause me problems with my skin. I used to wear oil-based foundations, which help cope better with perspiration and camera flash, but eventually my skin reacted badly to the heavier covering. These Mac foundations are water-based and are easier to remove using just water, not oil or lotion which has been another problem for me. So if you can get away with the fly-by-night store's Cheapo range of face gunk then go for it and save a packet. This, however, is my situation. Although I have to say that quality does show, too.

I tend not to worry too much about blusher, most brands are fine but cream works better than powder, I find. This one's a mid-pink from the Milani range.

I couldn't find the excellent Browzings from Benefit for my brow shaping and colouring and some cheaper brands are not very effective. Max Factor is mid-range so I'm going to try that, along with their eyeshadow. I have very dark brown eyes so I tend to go for complimentary brown/bronze shades of eyeshadow. I got a new box of sponge-tipped applicators, too. Instead of eyeliner, I tend to use kohl, an ancient cosmetic even worn by Jezebel in the Bible or Captain Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean. The wicked queen look with the body of a pirate is what I usually end up with, such is trans reality!

I no longer use mascara because my lashes are long and dark already and as I cannot do without glasses the effect is hard to see behind the lenses. I tend to emphasise my lips, therefore. Mascara can also make smudges on the lenses if they're pushed too close. Besides, mascara is the thing that needs replacing most frequently.

And for my lips and nails, I have always liked the vibrant Rimmel Range. Their no 170 lipstick in Alarm Red, sometimes just called Rimmel Red, has always been my favourite lipstick. And I like their quick-drying range of nail varnishes. These, at least, were not bought new now but have survived five years in storage and are still OK.

So now to find a quiet moment to look good. Best results will be posted in due course.

I also brought a selection of jewellery in my suitcase. It's all jumbled in the bag here and I need a new jewellery box to keep it in properly. But I am so happy to see some of my favorite items again. Not to mention a fresh wig I also brought with me ...

Sue x


  1. Hello Sue, Oh I know these things about make-up. I have a lot of make-up utilities that are some years old - and never are in use again. I think it should be a good idea to look through and throw a good number of them away. And as I use almost the same things when I go out enfemme, there are too many anyway. And it is difficult to have a view what you really have in your make-up case....
    All the best and have a good time - and thanks for stopping by at my blog

    1. Thanks for your comments, Violetta. I have been getting less use out of my makeup these last few years than you have so it seemed like such a waste to throw so much away. Sadly, it's important for hygiene reasons, especially with the skin problems I have had. Sue x

  2. "Just push your nose in and the froth on your beer diminishes before your eyes!" - totally going to have to give this a go 😂

    Your kit looks very nice and tidy, I should probably prune mine a bit. I seem to take things I never use.

    1. Or you can run your finger and thumb down either side of the bridge of your nose and then dip those fingers in the beer. Neither method is considered elegant, so best save it for Leeds! ;-) Sue x