Thursday 8 June 2023

Pride colours

 It's Pride month and, yes, I know I should have mentioned it at the start of the month but since the pride event most local to me took place a couple of months ago, we've been waiting for the rest of the world to catch up! 

Spring came late this year in Western Europe and the rain so desperately needed in Italy fell in torrents during May. You may have read of some of the floods and, tragically, some fatalities. I missed it as I was away but it's clear from the sudden burst of spring blooms and croaking frogs now that spring has collided with early summer to create vibrant displays.

I thought I'd build my own online Pride flag with the colours I've photographed recently in the hedgerows. The Pride flag has got only six of the colours of the rainbow, but we're going to do all seven. I hope you find these bursts of colour as gorgeous as I do.







And how about some pink for us trans folk?

Yellow and green were taken in Derbyshire, England. The rest in Liguria, Italy. 

I hope that Pride month will be happy and reassuring for you. And that your summer will be beautiful.

Sue x


  1. Lovely pictures Sue, fab idea , and happy pride month ! x

    1. Thanks, glad you like them. Happy Pride to you too. Sue x

  2. What beautiful photos, but then a vibrant and slightly unkempt woodland is a win in my book.

    Hmm, vibrant and unkempt - sounds like a dress code for certain events! 😁

    1. Yes, the woodland is Derbyshire is probably my favourite picture too. And my favourite colour. The wood is near the Black Rocks above Cromford, not a million miles from you.
      I think vibrant and unkempt is pretty much how Brighton Pride plays out!
      Sue x