Sunday, 19 January 2020

Warm January

The good news is that at last I have proper internet at home. They finally sent a young man who was far more on-the-ball than the cynical old technicians who'd come before and he identified the source of the problem within a few moments. I have confidence in the younger generation and I'm not sure we're handing the world over to them in a shape that they deserve.

The other good news is that this January I have been enjoying sunny, mild weather and am spending plenty of time outdoors. This is bliss and something I only ever dreamed of. I really couldn't take much more of British damp and cold. It's not that Britain in winter is all that cold compared to much of the Northern hemisphere - on the contrary, it's relatively mild thanks largely to the Gulf Stream - but winter goes on for so long. I used to wear a coat from September to May, eight months or so every year, which is too much, and I'd be shivering all the time, and covering myself in sweaters and thick tights and long woolly socks. At least the improvement in central heating systems in recent decades stopped me getting the chillblains I suffered from as a child. So, yes, I'm enjoying it here in the Med very much.

The perhaps not so good news, though very relevant, is that I'm suffering a lot of dysphoria at the moment and although I dress happily enough at home, I am missing the real life adventures that I used to have. I am still unsure of my ground in this wholly new environment but I have come across the local LGBT network where I live and am getting in touch for advice and support on living a more open and authentic trans life here. More info on that as and when it comes.

I used to make a point of changing my avatar on New Year's Day every year, picking my favourite photo from the previous year. Somehow, I can't be bothered to do that this year, what with the upheavals of 2019. But there'll be new photos of me soon, no doubt.

Sue x

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2020 is fulfilling and satisfactory for you.

In the past I did a roundup of each year's events. But 2019 was such a strange and stressful year, involving so little activity as a trans person in the real world, that there seems little point in summarising it.

I haven't made any resolutions this year. But I am confident that 2020 will be more relaxed than 2019 and that I will be finding new friends and trans activities in my new home in Italy.

Best wishes

Sue x

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Best seasonal wishes

To all my readers, let me send you best wishes for the time of year. I hope your year ends peacefully and happily, you get some lovely presents and that you also get a decent break from all the rush.


Sue x

Sunday, 22 December 2019

The troubles of a democrat

I am very troubled by what has happened in the United Kingdom politically, especially in the last year. I won't go into full details in this post but will explain in another why this is such a dangerous and frightening situation. A carefully balanced constitutional arrangement in Britain dating from the late seventeenth century has been wrecked and will be demolished shortly. That this collapse in even limited democracy should happen so fast and within my own lifetime shocks me. Not to mention the proposal to remove human rights. This from a country that was instrumental in promoting them, notably after the horrors of World War 2.

I started this blog in 2011 in an effort to show trans people that living authentically as themselves in Britain was not only possible but enjoyable. As a trans person - indeed, just as a person - I don't feel safe in the UK any more, and I won't return.

My efforts to settle elsewhere - currently in Italy - are progressing slowly but surely. I have my permit to stay under European rules, which doubles as a residence certificate. I now have an ID card, too, albeit in my boy name. From January, I can get a health card that enables me to use the national health service and can stop paying for private health insurance (required under European rules). I have put in my application for Italian citizenship, which I am entitled to do under an old law of 1912 that grants it to anyone who had an Italian ancestor. So if you can prove you were descended from Julius Caesar then you can be an Italian citizen, too. (OK, I exaggerate.) That's important to me as I'd rather live in a liberal democracy with human rights and a health service than under a dictatorship or oligarchy. Besides, they've got cool sports cars here and, well, what girl can resist that?

I am spending Christmas with a relative of mine (a Mr Caesar), so no pretty frocks this year. But at least I am enjoying considerably better weather than in previous Christmases in the UK. I'll post again before Christmas Day to send my readers greetings, but right now I remain troubled.

Sue x

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Taking it slowly

Oh dear, my blog's a little bit neglected, isn't it? Blame the limited access to internet over the last year. I have been trying to get Wifi installed in my new home over the last two months and the process has become a farce. The fact that when the flat was modernised the builders plonked a new wall through the phone wire is not a problem that any competent engineer should be unable to overcome, surely?

This last month I have been doing very little - and believe me, that is a delight after many years of hard work and stress. My little collection of feminine articles makes me happy, as ever, and I have come across a trans support group locally, although I haven't made proper contact yet because of  these internet problems.

Despite the heavy rains all over Europe, I have been enjoying autumn sunshine and warmth, which were things that I always found very lacking in Britain. This better weather has already improved my health and general wellbeing. A typical outdoors temperature here on the Mediterranean coast this month has been 18C (65F). For the time of year, that's bliss.

Sue x

Friday, 25 October 2019

New home

I've moved into my new home but I still don't have proper internet access as the people trying to install my Wifi are a bunch of clowns. So that's why I haven't posted in a while.

But I have filled my wardrobe with some of my favourite clothes from England and quite a few more bought in Italy and am living my femme life again, albeit quietly in private as I am not yet certain of my ground in public.

Here's me in my home.

Once my internet is functioning I'll be trying trying to contact and meet local LGBT groups.

Sue x

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Looking for a new home

I've spent much of the spring and summer doing two important things. One is ensuring I have a settled status in Italy, at least for the next year, and the other is actually finding a proper home to live in. Family and friends have been very kind and let me stay with them whilst I look for a new home but it does feel like camping out.

Next week I hope my residence in Italy, in Europe, will be confirmed. So many Britons, fearful of losing their human and other rights as announced by the British government, have been applying for dual citizenship with other European Union states to continue benefiting from EU rights. Italy's my best bet for that, which is partly why I'm here.

I have now found myself a new home, which I will rent for a year. It's in a beautiful spot overlooking the Mediterranean Sea just a short walk from the beach and the flat itself has ample oudoor space, ideal for catching that sun that's become so vital for my health. I'm very excited about it and should be moving in in October.

It also means I can get back to that feminine existence which is expressed only subtly at present.

Here are a few photos of some of the places I went looking for a home. They're all different but beautiful in their own separate ways.


The Gulf of La Spezia from Lerici

Manarola in the Cinque Terre

Cactuses at Bordighera


Monte Carlo casino


One of the many public parks in San Remo

Sue x