Monday, 5 July 2021

Beauty salons, and my Femmathon

 A few thoughts about beauty salons and then on to the start of my Femmathon, the name I gave to my first bout of living full-time female.

Over the years I found that it was not a problem to book a treatment at a women's beauty salon in male mode. Obviously, going in and ordering treatment was something I was nervous about, but these places exist to provide services and they want your money so although they may have few or no male clients, they will normally accommodate your request. In female mode, I've never experienced any trans prejudice.

The sort of treatments I have had include waxing, manicures and brow tweezing. There are lots of other services but I've never gone for a foot spa, face peel, massage or whatever so I can't comment. Quality obviously varies a lot, so shop around.

Shaving or epilating yourself is straightforward enough, though it requires time and care, but it is very hard to do your own back. I recommend waxing the back as it clears everything thoroughly. I have had this done at my local beauty salon and later with a professional who specialised in all-over male waxing. Although my dysphoria somewhat protested at the male specialist, the fact is that most MtF trans people have male pattern hair on head and body and that responds better to dedicated treatments; it's only when you've got sufficient oestrogen that your body hair should become softer and more feminine.

I don't think waxing hurts much myself, and I'm not one who tolerates pain well as a rule. Chest and tummy are the worst bits. Arms, legs and panty line are not problematic in my experience. You get a much better, longer-lasting result than you do from epilation and certainly from shaving so it's a good plan if you are going to be spending a lot of time en femme.

As a courtesy to your waxer, and for better results, make sure you are showered before your appointment. And take care showering/bathing in hot water for a day or two later. And don't sunbathe for 2-3 days after as you may burn faster. Apart from that, there should be no inconveniences apart from a slight tingling. I have sensitive skin and have experienced no problems with waxing. The end results are fabulous, especially on your legs which should develop a natural sheen. Of course, pulling hosiery onto newly waxed legs is a delight and feels totally different from how it feels on shaved legs (or hairy ones, for that matter!)

As for brows, they can be plucked, tweezed, threaded or waxed. Obviously, ask for them to be feminised (arched and made thin) because men also go for brow work these days but their style involves merely trimming and tidying, not shaping.

Manicures and pedicures are a treat. I normally do my own nails but in anticipation of a big event, I will go to a nail bar or salon to have a professional do a long-lasting job for me. 

A dip in the archives

So I'm going to write about the wonderful time I had in July and August 2011 that inspired me to start this blog. Most of that was spent living as a woman, with a few odd days in male mode for work and essential purposes. I wasn't prepared to out myself just yet, or commit to living female full-time without giving it a good testing first. The first uninterrupted Femmathon session lasted over a fortnight and I prepared for it by getting my back waxed for the first time at the beauty salon a few yards up the road from home and booking a manicure for me and Emma at a different salon. The reason for the different salons was that one would be in male mode where I was known as a neighbour to the owners, the other would be in female mode.

My break proper started on 3 July when I spent the day at home getting myself and everything ready for the fun ahead. Emma, with whom I had already shared various adventures, came to stay for a few days from the 4th in anticipation of the annual Sparkle celebration. We had a lot of fun.

A fortnight's fun and relaxation en femme


We walked to the salon for our manicures and the staff were very welcoming. They even gave us loyalty cards! So we turned up again the following year! Maybe we weren't loyal enough as they have now closed, sadly. However, we enjoyed chatting with the other customers, the owner and the girl who did our nails.

Emma waiting. I think this outfit really suited her.

Sporting our new pretty nails we went for a walk by the River Thames, and we did attract attention! 

I've posted the photos of me by the Thames often enough so here's Emma in the same spot

By an ornamental fountain in Twickenham, usually known simply as "The Naked Ladies". I loved this little dress and hope to be able to get back into it soon!

We ended our little excursion with a drink in a pretty riverside pub.

The next day we drove to Portsmouth to meet up with friends, Angela, Gemma and Tazzy. A bit of shopping and sightseeing but mainly relaxing over lunch or a drink. It's nice sometimes just to catch up. Like most ports, Portsmouth is less about ships now and more about shops and leisure!

With Angela. I went to stay with her later that year.

I posted me by this fountain in my last blog entry, so here's one of Emma.

Next time: a day in Brighton, driving to Manchester, and the start of Sparkle 2011.

Sue x

Cari lettori italiani

Oggi inizio a raccontare le mie avventure dieci anni fa quando ho deciso di spendere l'estate come Sue per vedere se era una buona idea cambiare la mia vita e vivere come donna per sempre.

Che disprezzo che hanno per noi certi politici! Hanno il coraggio di opporre la discriminazione, tranne contro noi transgender. Chissà cosa succederà con questa legge Zan.

Sue x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, hon. We really had some good times. Sue x

  2. Love these wonderful dips into the archives! Thanks for having them "surface!"

    As for waxing, etc...a number of years ago (memory says mid-2000's) I had 2 laser treatments on my arms and legs, one on my chest and back. But sadly, none on my face.

    Laser actually worked fairly well. Yes, there are some hardened dark stragglers which keep returning and I epilate periodically, as well as some thin, fuzzy gray hairs, which are soft and pliable. But considering that what I started with was exceedingly hairy skin, I'm very pleased with the result.

    As for my face, I have a heavy beard, and wish I could now try either laser or electrolysis on that, but the money just doesn't stretch that far on retirement income. So I shave daily (sometimes twice),have my eyebrows done professionally, and pluck some of the really wiry hairs which are the most annoying. (And have found masks to be a really good idea to hide a lot of those issues!)

    So keep the posts coming...both travelogs and archives!


    1. Thanks, Mandy. Glad you like the reminiscences. There's more to come.

      As for electro or laser, I haven't tried it so can't comment much about it on my blog. Save to say that girls living full time swear by it - for them it's been a lifesaver. I reckon it could take a long time to clear all hair all over but it's interesting that just a few treatments left you with noticeable results. Thanks for sharing your experience of this.

      Sue x

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  5. The above two comments have nothing to do with my post or my blog. Please keep comments relevant. Sue x