Thursday, 8 July 2021

Unwanted hair, and Femmathon part 2

 In my last post I mentioned waxing at beauty salons. People left a number of comments here and elsewhere about other hair removal treatments you can also have done. 

Laser, electrolysis and epilation are readily available and are longer lasting than waxing. I don't generally comment on these processes as I suffer from skin problems that are unlikely to survive a course of treatment so I have never gone for them. 

So the one thing I would say is that you need to make sure that your skin can tolerate the treatment which, in the case of laser, can burn or disfigure if it goes wrong, and in the case of electrolysis is pretty painful. Most people seem to be OK with these treatments but always make sure a small patch of skin is tested first. For genuine knowledge about your skin, wait a few days after the test for any bad reactions before deciding whether you should go ahead with the full treatment. 

A full course of electro should normally remove hair permanently. But it takes many sessions and so costs a lot long-term. Many transitioners see it as a must. My advice based on discussion with others is to go to a proper specialised electrolysis clinic that has experience with transwomen, rather than relying on your local beauty salon where they more often deal with the softer hair of ciswomen. This is especially important if you are having beard hair removal as the electro machine needs to be cranked up to cope with the tougher hairs of male-pattern chins.

That's all I will say on that subject as other bloggers are better experienced. Selected advice and views here: 

UCSF Transgender Care 

Gender Confirmation Center (with further links)

Joelle Tori Maslak: the sad math of transgender hair removal (technical, but shows it takes longer than you think)

There are organisations that may help with costs of electrolysis. And no end of clinics that offer trans-oriented services. Online searches within your country should help you narrow down your choices.

If you are going for it, I wish you a smooth future.

A dip in the archives


I now continue my recollections of my first major "Femmathon" when I lived full-time for a while to experiment with the notion of living permanently as Sue. In my previous post I described how Emma and I went to a beauty salon for manicures and then went down to Portsmouth on England's South Coast to meet up with other trans friends.

The next day we went to the South Coast again, only this time to Brighton, which I love as it's a very alternative kind of place. It was very windy, as you can see from my hair in the photos - on the pier I thought I was going to lose it!

Sea and wind, sunny but cold: typical English seaside!


Just as well I'd brought my coat and thick tights, despite its being July! 

We arrived early and had a late breakfast on the prom. The one remaining pier has always been a big draw, with its rides and entertainments.

Brighton Pier and beach


We quite liked the bar midway along the pier with a ceiling decorated in all sorts of odd things!

Back on shore, we had traditional fish and chips for lunch and then we went to the Crazy Golf. It's the first time I've played golf in a skirt and with the wind flapping that round my club and blowing my hair over my eyes, it was a challenge!


But it was a lot of fun and one of those femme firsts for both of us.

The little lanes full of boutiques are also an attraction and we enjoyed wandering about them. We stopped for refreshments in a pub, The Victory, and had time for a final photocall near the beach before heading home. A great day out for two girls finding their way in the world.

Emma, early evening

The next day, Thursday 7th July 2011, we had a long drive from my home in London down to Manchester to attend Sparkle, the national transgender celebration. By curious chance, we stopped for lunch at the Brighton Belle pub at Winsford in the heart of Cheshire. So, real Brighton Belles one day, and a commemoration for us the next!

We somewhat parted company at Manchester as we'd picked different hotels but we met again that evening in Canal Street, the heart of the Gay Village, where Sparkle early birds were gathering. We had dinner in Eden, right on the canal, which I always liked.

Evening in Canal St. The skirt was the latest fashion.

So that was a good week and Emma was wonderful company. We had a great time and did a lot, a big booster for confidence all round. Thanks, Emma.

Next time I will tell you about Sparkle 2011 which was one of the highlights of my Femmathon and, indeed, of my life.

Sue x

Cari lettori italiani

Questa volta non dico niente sulla legge Zan, e nemmeno sul campionato di calcio.

Però, ho messo delle foto scattate a Brighton dove io e la mia amica Emma siamo state per divertirci una giorno dieci anni fa. Era un giornata bella ma ventosa!

Sue x


  1. IMO, if there's chance, it's not a trip to the seaside with a game of crazy golf.

    1. Indeed, and my next seaside trip (to Hastings) also involved crazy golf with other TGirls. Who knows, one day I might even go swimming in the sea! Sue x