Friday, 30 July 2021

Health benefits

 At the start of this month I set myself a challenge of losing half a stone (3.2 kg) in weight and I am pleased to say that I have achieved it. I can see and feel a diffence already. Looking back over early photos this past year has really made me want to get back into those little outfits I once wore.

I think a lot more exercise in summer's heat has been the key. So I'm looking forward to even more progress as we've got the whole of August to go. 

I've lost two stone (12 kg) altogether this year and I'm very pleased with that. Originally, I had aimed to lose around two and half stone by Christmas and that now looks easy.

Today is my vax day so that should help with ending this destructive pandemic and my confinement. I'm staying with a relative in Vax City this weekend, the first relative I've really seen in nearly a year. That's helping my psychological wellbeing, too, as there's only so much solitude one can take. 

I also got a boost from chatting to a friendly and helpful operator on the Covid vaccine helpline yesterday who complimented me on my good Italian. It doesn't take much to make my day.

A dip in the archives

I'll shortly be ending this series of lookbacks to ten years ago before I got to recording my adventures in this blog. A couple of weeks back I described a trip to Kew Gardens with Joanne and Petra. Then it was Dee's turn and we had a nice day among the plants.

They seemed to have introduced various birds, peacocks, guineafowl, chickens and suchlike. Not botanical, but something else to see and pleasanter than the canada geese that come from the nearby river and do little other than make a mess!

It was good to catch up with Dee but she then moved so far away that it's been long-distance communication since. That's the trouble with becoming a very 'out' TGirl. There aren't, in fact, that many of us.

Sue x

Cari lettori italiani

Oggi mi faccio la prima puntura. L'appuntamento l'ho fatto più di due settimane fa, prima di questa storia del green pass limitante. Spero che finisca presto quest'incubo del Covid.

Sto perdendo peso: più di tre chili questo mese. Fra un po' sarò ancor in forma e potrei indossare tutti quei bei vestiti che portavo una volta.

Sue x


  1. I've been trying to hold the weight down, and have held within 2 pounds either way of 200 pounds for about 6 months (down from about 235 pounds over a year ago.) But I can't seem to lose more. Guess I gotta work harder (starve more?) LOL!


  2. Hi Mandy. Well done on the weight loss so far. It's not about starving but, I think, about being more aware of the fat and sugar one eats, especially what's hidden in food you buy ready-made. And for me, this year has been about exercise, too. Sue x

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